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Minutes – FNA Board Meeting – 11/6/2017


Board Members Present: Sean, Betty, Susan, Sara, Breinn, Geri, Melanie


Others in Attendance: Fred Harper, Joe Hyun, JJ Grissom, Darien George


Called to order at 7pm.


Previous Board Meeting minutes approved.


Darien George, President of Berkley Neighborhood Association requests we join an alliance in support of a railroad crossing quiet zone at Windsor.  A motion was made to support, and was passed.


Joe Hyun and JJ Grissom made a brief presentation proposing a Fairmont 5k.  They are requesting Financial Support from FNA, in hopes the funds can be returned from proceeds from the race, and any funds left after that can be donated to a to be determined charity.  Board clarified that general membership will need to vote since the amount requested exceeds the amount we can approve, but Board does wish to support this project.


Each Board Member presented their updates:


Finance (Melanie):

  • Tax Exempt Certificate is online in the Google Docs folder; please remember to take it when you make purchases on behalf of the FNA.
  • Audit complete for FNA finances, there were no findings.
  • Taxes are complete and filed for FNA.


Administration (Leah):

  • Seeking clarification on whether or not we include addresses in the neighborhood meeting minutes when Susan Harper makes her presentation; and after discussion, it has been decided it is acceptable to include addresses, but no names will be mentioned.
  • In addition – Leah wishes to start up the Fairmount Cookbook project as a fundraiser after the start of the New Year. Information from a publisher has been requested, will update group as project progresses.
  • Discussion of Sgt. at Arms position, Leah will follow up with person appointed to this position to confirm that they wish to continue to be active in this position at General Membership Meetings. If not, a possible alternate might need to be appointed (Glenn Connor was mentioned as an alternate).


Infrastructure (Breinn):

  • Breinn has organized a fundraiser through One Safe Place for recent crime victim’s (on Fairmount) children.
  • One Safe Place will present Community Conversation on Domestic Violence at Southside Church of Christ, 11/28.
  • Breinn requested check for $500 for Daggett Montessori’s Dragon Dash fundraiser. (funds already approved in budget)
  • Delivery trucks on Magnolia continue to be an issue, a traffic study will be conducted, and Ben E Keith is included in the discussion and confirm that they will follow whatever rules are put in place by the City.
  • Discussion regarding City cancelling the Neighborhood Empowerment Zones, concerning due to the need for development along Hemphill, Board votes to support the continuance of the NEZ’s.
  • We have been notified by the city that we have $50k to spend in upgrading/building a structure of some sort at Fairmount Park. Discussion tabled, to be continued at next meeting.
  • Code Compliance has escalated 1725 S Adams to “Special Projects” in the Code Compliance department due to the serious nature of the infractions at this property.
  • There is a proposal to “right size” or “road diet” Hemphill, some lanes will be changing, this project has been referred to a consultant and will be on city’s list of projects for next spring.
  • Discussion about Green Space, which is not owned by FNA. No one seems to know the details regarding the usage of the space.  This will be looked into further, in addition, we would like to issue an RFP for maintenance services, and look into grants to pay for some of the improvements to this area, which houses our Historical Marker.
  • Permit Parking – Dolabi (hotel developer) has hired a consultant to study the parking situation on Magnolia. No development on permit parking at this time.
  • If you see dead trees on Magnolia, they should be reported to NSI
  • The “T” may be cancelling bus service to Magnolia


Membership (Deanna):

  • New Social Chair for 2018 announced – Mel Strom will be taking on this role.
  • Holiday Party planning still in progress (12/8 at Southside Preservation Hall)
  • Welcome Packets still going out, Bria Fox, and Angela deQuesada delivering 9-12 a month.
  • Membership Drive being promoted via Social Media. Remind neighbors they can join/renew at Christmas Party.  When you join, your name will go in a drawing for gift cards for local businesses.
  • Additional Squares have been purchased for use at neighborhood events. They will be held by Deana, Mel, Sean and Sara.


Promotions (Sean):

  • Arts Goggle Recap – painted rocks were fun, crowd liked the historic aerial photos donated by Brian Luenser. He wants to bestow these photos upon FNA, but we need to find a place to house/display them.
  • Brandon Garret still progressing on Festivus plans.
  • Fairmounti Gras still in progress with regular updates from Kim Worley. Event is slated for 2/3/18.
  • Proposed “sponsor spotlight” for FNA Newsletter
  • Suggested that Alex Theiroff be the chair for the business liaison position discussed
  • Reminder to write thank you card to Great Harvest for hosting the Neighborhood Social (Leah will take care of)


Preservation (Susan):

  • Long term plan to upgrade the rental registration program, Susan in discussion with Martha Jones on this program, to cover single and two family residences – neighborhoods need to unite on this front (to help B&G Rentals be more accountable with their property management)
  • There will be a meeting at St. John’s to discuss the Preservation Ordinance changes, a) push for more “admin approval” which means projects won’t come through FNA and b) they want to eliminate the interior portion of the tax credit incentive. There are also three vacancies on the HCLC.
  • Paul Randle who resides in Chase Court has inquired if he can host FNA Socials. Reminder that anyone who is a member can host, contact Mel Strom for details.


Safety (Geri):

  • Please join Code Blue!
  • There will be a Railroad Track Safety talk at an upcoming general membership meeting
  • Working on a polite parking article for newsletter
  • Kid ID is a possible upcoming project


Communications (Betty):

  • 11/22 is deadline for Festivus edition of newsletter
  • Artist spotlight will be new feature in newsletter
  • Panhandling problems will also be a newsletter article
  • If you have any ideas of articles for newsletter, please list in “Newsletter Ideas” on Google Drive.


President (Sara):

  • Approve Purchases for outgoing Board members and Home Tour Chair
  • Business Cards? Who wants? Suggestion of 100 per Board Member


Meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm