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Fund raising goal of $5,000 for Daggett Middle School to Make Music

Karen Langton, the new music teacher, at Daggett Middle School, has reached out to adjacent neighborhoods to ask for help obtaining instruments for the 200 students who want to learn to play an instrument this school year. Sadly, there just isn’t enough district funding nor enough instruments in inventory. She also wants to start an African drum line using “djembes.” These are goblet shaped drums from West Africa. The name per Wikipedia means ” everyone gather together in peace.” The meaning of djembe, for me, came at a time when I had just read the morning newspaper and viewed the latest stories on Yahoo. News everywhere horrific and I felt powerless and hopeless. I needed a purpose, something to counteract the horror and evil occurring in our nation and in the world. The djembe drums and Karen’s plight at Daggett tugged at my heart strings. Tone deaf, musically challenged, I wanted to be a silent partner with the Daggett band. After the Las Vegas tragedy, it is more important than ever to do what we can where we live to make a difference and make our neighborhood a better place. Most certainly doing something to help the children in our community right now can be giving Daggett students the means to make music.

We have a fund raising goal of $5,000 for Daggett Middle School to Make Music. Right now with funds already donated or promised we have reached $2,500-halfway there. Some neighbors have donated instruments which are most appreciated and being put to use as I write. Please help us meet the monetary goal so more instruments can be purchased especially clarinets and flutes. Students are sharing flutes now. Daggett Middle plans on a Christmas concert. We need to help now so the band is ready. “Music heals the world. We need more.”-Rihanna

Any checks can be made out to Daggett Middle School and on the Memo line please put musical instruments.

Send to:
Maureen Harris
1328 S Adams St
Fort Worth, TX 76104

If you have any questions please contact me at

Thank you,
Maureen Harris