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September 2017 – General Membership Meeting Minutes

Minutes – General Membership Meeting, Southside Preservation Hall, 09/25/2017

Board Members in Attendance: Sara Karashin, Geri Cotton, Deanna Stuart, Betty Spitzberg, Breinn Richter, Susan Harper, Leah Suasnovar

7:00 – Called to order

  • Neighborhood Police officer, Sergio Guadarrama – brief update on car burglaries in neighborhood, reported that burglar that recently broke into Melt had been apprehended. Don’t keep valuables in car!


  • New code compliance officer introduced to members, Eric Mohammed. Requested we report to him areas of concern in neighborhood and reported he started his route with 60 cases and they had already increased to 126.  Was requested from a member that we can email him with one question a month for response, to be published in newsletter for review by neighbors.  In addition, he discussed the ordinance stating that indoor furniture shall not be placed on porch, even if it is treated.  Members of audience stated they had successfully protested this citing successfully before when the wood had been treated for outdoor use.


  • Presentation by the music director from Daggett Middle School, Karen Lanston. Lanston wants to grow the program at Daggett, but lack of funding is making it difficult and there are not enough instruments for students.  She has posted an Amazon wish list on the Fairmount Neighborhood – Fort Worth discussion page, she is asking for any used instruments for donation from the neighborhood, and requested $1,000 in support from the FNA.  Motion made to assist Daggett MS with $1,000 from FNA budget, motion 2nd, motion passed.


  • Question from audience, can FNA donate to neighborhood elementary school, if said school does not have a PTA. This will need to be researched by board and reported back to membership.


  • Directory of Safety update (Geri Cotton): Reminded membership to please consider assisting in newsletter delivery.  Called for volunteers also for National Night Out, which is 10/3 at 1800 Washington.  Please contact Geri if you can assist with setting up for the neighborhood event.  At National Night Out the neighborhood will be providing fajitas, those attending should bring a side to share.  There will be a bounce house for kiddos, we may be visited by the mayor, chief of police, mounted patrol and fire department.  No alcohol at this event and there will be a port a potty! J  This is a free event for neighbors.  Also reviewed neighborhood watch program, and notified us that a crime prevention officer will be attending the next general membership meeting.  (email: if interested in joining neighborhood watch program)


  • Director of Finance update: Account balances as follows:  Checking: $17,551.61, Savings: $17,856.71, Garden Account: $2,374.85, CD: $15,286.97


  • Preservation update (Susan Harper): Reviewed several current properties before the HCLC, including 1414 Fairmount, 1926 Fairmount, 2020 College, and 1014 Arlington.
  • Membership update (Deanna Stuart): Seeking volunteers for neighborhood socials, welcome folder distribution. Save the date, 12/8 for holiday party, Please join the neighborhood association if you have not already!  Email: if you are interested in volunteering or joining!


  • Promotions update: (Sean Ford, presented by promotions committee member): Seeking volunteers for NNO, will need help on 9/30 and 10/3. Need volunteers for 1½ – 2 hour shifts at Arts Goggle on 10/21 to represent Fairmount.  If you are interested in joining the Events Committee or the Business liaison committee, please email


  • Infrastructure update (Breinn Richter): Reminder of City Bond discussion meetings, next one is 09/30 at University Christian Church at 9:30 am. Reminder of regular upcoming city council and school board meeting.  Discussion of institution of new Block Captain Program.  Please email for any questions about bond election or if you are interested in volunteering as a block captain.



  • Update by Fred Harper who attended the building standards meeting 9/25, discussed proposed changes from this meeting as well as a report on a property in the neighborhood with known issues.


  • Mounti Gras update – has continued to receive generous donations and sponsorships, will be a fun event for the neighborhood.


  • Our School Liaison, Nancy Strickland, has visited 3 out of 4 of our neighborhood to discussed school needs. Encouraged parents to sign up to receive the Fairmount Neighborhood e-newsetter.  Schools looking for Site Based Management Team members.  DeZavala Elem is also seeking an artist to volunteer for a mural they would like to have on campus.  To contact Nancy about ways to volunteer or assist, please email:


  • Fire Station Community Center: on 10/20 there will be a Fall Festival with a haunted house from 7-9pm


  • A representative from Charter Communications also spoke and wanted to reiterate to continue to report any issues with service so they could be addressed


  • Martin Dahl reminded the group of the Preservation Palaver at the Fairmount Community Library, where he will provide information regarding the city’s meeting about updating the Historic Preservation Ordinance.


  • There is a new Fairmount Facebook group set up for those who like to knit or crochet, or various other needle crafts called Fairmount Stitchers. Join the group and plan on fun get-togethers to spend time crafting, all levels of experience welcome.


  • Meeting Adjourned at 8:14pm