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October 2016 – General Meeting Minutes

Fairmount National Historic District General Meeting

October 24, 2016

Meeting Called to Order by Pat Bradley – 7:00 p.m.

Introduction of New Members – Shawn & Lauren on Alston!


Neighborhood Police Officer Update – Sergio Guadarrama

  • 5 burglaries of vehicles (all cars were unlocked)
    • Locked or unlocked, please always empty your car
  • Recruited several new Citizens on Patrol candidates during the neighborhood/police force meet & greet
    • Large turn-out: 80 burgers and 75 hot dogs distributed in first 20 minutes
  • Says Sergeant Halpern – “Fairmount is a revitalization neighborhood. Don’t leave anything in your car that you wouldn’t leave on your car hood”

 Mike Brennan – Near Southside, Inc.

  • “Envision Hemphill” – includes the expansion of Firehouse Park by revitalizing vacant space near the convenience store.
    • Restructuring will feature safer cross walks, and passage for all modes of traffic
    • Watch on Facebook/etc for details on upcoming evening presentations on this topic scheduled for December 7-10
    • Ideas for this park include: dog park, food truck court, bocchi ball, all-ages playground, skateboard park, farmers market
  • The city is giving the $200,000 for Phase One improvements.
  • It was motioned/seconded/passed to contribute $5000 investment towards Near Southside’s education workshop to discuss/evaluate/educate/disseminate conceptual design information regarding upcoming changes to the park and all along the Hemphill corridor. (Vickery to Biddeson)
    • The voting membership agreed to this investment, in part, because Fairmount would likely most benefit from updates to the Firehouse Park area.
    • $2000 of the FNA contribution was taken from unspent funds originally allocated to street lights in the 2015/2016 budget.

 Ellen Timberlake-Volz – Tarrant County Historical Commissioner

  • Ellen is our liaison with the state historic commission and is the local gatekeeper for landmark submissions.
  • She outlined the landmark creation process and said that the state is accepting applications for the Class of 2017 historic markers/landmarks through November 15. For details and requirements see:
  • Home markers, in addition to the required research, cost $100 (non-refundable) for the application and $800+ for the actual marker if your home should qualify.
    • A home is qualified on a number of characteristics including: age, architecture, and the significance or contribution of the dwelling’s early inhabitants.  It is a one-year process.


Geri Cotton – Safety

  • Citizens on Patrol has a class on November 12. Contact Geri for details.

Roxanna Latifi – Historic Preservation

  • No report

Steve Halliday for the Honeymooning Alex Thieroff – Promotions

  • Looking for a lead team and homes for Home Tour 2017
  • Festivus will be Mon., Dec. 12 from 5:30 until 8:30p
  • Christmas Party will be Sat., Dec. 10

Betty Spitzberg – Communications

  • Obtaining competitive prices for the monthly newsletter

Carrie Carter – Membership

  • No report

Melanie Dotzour – Finance

  • (Approximate) available account balances: Checking = $16,500; Garden = $2300; Savings = $17,000; CD = $17,000

Kim Worley – Administration

  • No report

David Thrapp – Infrastructure

  • Thanks for another successful “National Night Out”!
  • There will be an Infrastructure Meeting on Nov. 15, see David for details.


  • Next social will be at the Robinson Home at 1900 5th on November 18. Watch Facebook and Constant Contact for details.
  • Fairmount Supper Club will meet at Flying Carpet (opening just for us that night) on Sunday, Nov. 6 from 5-8:30p. $27/pp. BYO

Adjourned:  8:15 p.m.

Submitted by Kim Worley, 11/9/16 (FAIRMOUNT’S GONNA SCARE THE BOO OUTTA YOU!!!)