Welcome to our neighborhood resource list of individuals and service contractors. Please feel free to use this list but with the understanding that in no way is the FNA endorsing any of these business or individuals. This is merely a list provided by our residents that have received services in a satisfactory manner. Always check references and investigate thoroughly before entering into a business transaction with anyone.


Air King
Web site:
Phone: Lenny Lopez, 817-966-1389
COMMENTS: Our home was not heating up on Christmas Eve even though the furnace was running non-stop. Lenny from Air King came out on Christmas Eve around 10 p.m. and fixed our heat! At a different visit, he was able to find and fix a small gas leak. One that other vendors could not find even though we kept smelling gas. He is honest. His prices are very reasonable. And he is willing to come out at any time. We will now use his services for all our gas and AC needs.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler

Bryson Heating & Air Conditioning
Contact: Rob Bryson
Phone: 817-343-4515 (phone and text)
COMMENTS: I have used Rob at both of my Fairmount homes over the course of 12+ years. Rob provides professional, honest and fairly-priced service. He has responded to my calls for help on holidays, during ice storms and in the middle of the night. He does not encourage you to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary and will always be straightforward with the issues you may expect now and in the future — a real plus for when you have an older unit that you are trying to squeak along a few more years. I truly can not say enough good things about Rob. I have recommended him to dozens of folks and he has never let me down. An added bonus — Rob lives in Fairmount!
Recommended by: Julie Hatch

KNK Heating and Air Conditioning
Address: PO Box 150044, Fort Worth, TX 76108
Phone: Tarrant County 817-244-6617 and Parker County 817-441-7026
COMMENTS: During the remodeling project on our house one of the problems was the redirection of some of the ducts for better air flow, etc. This company reworked some of them, added some return air vents and generally overhauled my system and I get much more even temperatures throughout the house. I have also set up a twice yearly maintenance check and plan to continue to use them.
Recommended by: Suzanne Mabe



Kwik Kar 
Phone: 817-923-4010, Tracy Upshaw (manager)
COMMENTS: I went to kwik kar on cleburne next to fiesta for a tire rotation. I was pleasantly surprised to see a female manager. Tracy has a great personality and treats everyone like she knews them. She personally made sure that I was treated right and inspected the car to make sure it was spic and span. They not only do tire rotation but oil changes and have a mechanic on duty.  I had gone to them years ago but stopped when I had a bad experience. As a woman I am always leery of trusting mechanics it’s great to know that there is a local mechanic and oil change place I can trust.
Recommended by:   Kim Lovelace

In-N-Out Lube

Address: 2125 8th Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110
COMMENTS: They have 2 full-time mechanics on hand who do a great job at brakes, starters, alternators and a lot of other automotive repair services. They are reasonably priced and very honest.
We’ve been taking our vehicles there for over 10 years and have never had a problem. In fact, one of the things we love about them is that they are here in our neighborhood but more
Importantly, their computer keeps track of our oil & filter changes and repairs so when we take it in, we ask if anything is due, and they are honest about it. Took my vehicle in this week,
asked them if it was time for a fuel filter change, radiator flush or anything else and they told me nothing was due yet, good to go. We highly recommend them!
Recommended by: Virginia  Aguilar, Hurley Avenue 7/5/17


Hill Restoration
Phone: 817-821-4507
Web site: www.hillrestoration.com
COMMENTS: I was lucky enough to come across an honest and talented contractor who has helped me more that I can mention. I’ve been working hard to PRESERVE my house in it’s original form and his exp. and understanding in period restoration should be commended. I would love to pass his URL so that others can benefit from his skill and friendly help. He also lives in Fairmount.
Recommended by: Justin Rives

Josh Jones Contracting Services
Phone: 817-565-7894
COMMENTS: I had the pleasure of purchasing my Fairmount restored home from Josh Jones, who carefully brought my 1944 home back from a less than desirable state. The home has craftsman design features and uses many recycled and reused materials. Not only does it look great but it performs like a new home, being energy efficient. Josh can take on a challenge and does so with skill and care. If you have a need for any home related restoration or remodeling, you should consider Josh Jones.
Recommended by: Barb Hines


Rudy Veloz
Phone: 817-475-3205
COMMENTS: Rudy Veloz installed a vent-hood and outlet, then patiently worked to find the cause of lack of power to my front room. He finally was able to pinpoint it — a main wire in the attic had been nicked by another contractor the day before — and repaired it. Patient, courteous and persistent, he has my vote for a great contractor.
Recommended by: Patti Randle


FREE energy efficiency assessment
Contact: www.texasefficiency.com Click on the Oncor icon.
COMMENTS: We used LB Tech. They weatherized the front door, sealed all of the duct air leaks in the attic and in the vents and gave me a grade on my home’s energy efficiency all for FREE.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler


Fences & Iron Gates
COMMENTS:Iron Gates (Electric or Manual) – I created a spreadsheet to compare apples to apples among 10 of the best known fence companies in Tarrant County, and was amazed at the difference in quality (gauge and amount of iron, the size of the mounting posts and how deep they are buried), method of paint coating, turnaround time for manufacturing, cost of installation, quality of electric arm, warranty, etc. Hands-down, by far, Fancy Fences was the best! Mauricio and his brothers manufacture iron gates for numerous fence companies in the metroplex. Compared to some of the fence companies, I saved about 45%! Electric Iron gates are not cheap so plan to spend thousand’s, but buying direct can also save you thousands. I highly recommend their manufacturing, installation and service 817-874-5695. They also build iron and wood fences.
Recommended By::Virginia Aguilar (Live in Fairmount, Hurley Avenue)


Foster’s Hardwood Floor Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 366
Springtown, TX 76082
Phone/FAX: 817-220-5160
COMMENTS: When other companies tell your distressed hardwood floors cannot be saved and they just want to replace them instead, call Fosters. They have been refinishing hardwood floors on every house I have restored for many years. They patch rotted areas, fill in where floor grates were removed, and even repair floor boards buckled due to water damage, so that you can’t tell where they were afterward.
Recommended by: Jerry Hawkins

Ramon Ramirez
Phone: 817-705-9873 or 817-332-5212
COMMENTS: I had my down stairs floors done Sept 2013. I had several really bad pet stains that were dark and would not sand out. Ramon was able to bleach the spots, and stain to a color to match the natural wood finish. The spots are still somewhat noticeable, but nothing like they were. If you have damaged floors that are pet stained or need to have wood replaced, get several colors of stain ready to try when they reach the point in the floor process. Also be ready to move out of your house, you will not be able to get on these floors for about 5 days with the multiple layers of finish required to dry. Ramon says he has 24 yrs of experience.
Recommended by: David Thrapp




Green Living
Web site: www.greenliving.com
COMMENTS: They are located near historic Munger Place in Dallas. A great place to buy green products. They carry everything from low VOC paints, tiles made from recycled materials, non-toxic cleaning products and bamboo counter tops.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler

Habitat ReStore
Phone: 817-626-5000
COMMENTS: You can donate used working appliances, cabinets, counter tops, doors, windows, light fixtures, sinks, toilets, bricks, etc. They will pick up larger items. Old cell phones, inkjet and laser cartridges, ipods and PDAs bring to the FNA neighborhood meetings and drop them into the Cartridges for Kids box. Batteries and CFL bulbs bring to the neighborhood meeting and place them in the bucket.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler

J. B. Quality Foundation Repair
Phone: 817-896-6152
COMMENTS: Does a thorough job, arrives when promised, reasonable prices. Half due at contract signing. Has done work for Sue McLean, John and Brenda Pereda and Pat and Mickey Bradley and all recommend highly.
Recommended by: Sue McLean



Don Ketterlin
Phone: 817-925-2160
7600 W. Vickery
COMMENTS: Don always does great work! He has refinished a dining room table top, kitchen table and chairs and even our old wooden swinging door that had a billion coats of paint on it. He can eyeball color matches like no other and his finishes have held up against three cats! We met Don through his display at Montgomery Street Antique Mall and initially purchased a great old wooden file cabinet from his shop. He has a warehouse full of odds and ends and can either fix something he has already, refinish a piece you bring him or construct something special just for you. Be sure to give him a call if you need furniture refished, he’s awesome!
Recommended by: Stacy Luecker


Frazier Roofing and Guttering Co.
Phone: 817-277-3131
Web site: www.frazierservices.com
COMMENTS: This company came recommended for doing good gutter work. They have been in business a long time so will be around if there is an issue. We are pleased with the work they did on our home. A few items they were not able to complete on the day of the installation so they were back out the very next day to finish.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler



David Frye
Phone: 817-637-8401
COMMENTS: General household repairs including showers, tiling, sheetrock and more. Friendly and helpful. Recommended to us by other neighbors.
Recommended by: Paul Holt

Jack Owen
Phone: 817-524-8837
COMMENTS: I would like to recommend JACK OWEN for any nagging minor home repair. If you don’t know how, can’t afford expensive service calls, but you have issues with lights, fans, receptacles,leaking toilets and sinks, difficult locks, roof leaks, damaged walls, etc., he is your guy. He fixed my toilet, my hinges and locks on my doors, fixed and replaced a couple of electrical switches, as well as a ceiling fan that I needed moved and another installed.All done with such an eye for detail, positive attitude, and extremely reasonable rates.
Recommended by: Lisbett Christensen


Tom Tinsley
Phone: 817-521-9275
COMMENTS: Tom is a jack of all trades and has built a beautiful, appropriate in-fill house on Hurley and redone one, wonderfully well, on S.Adams. He is currently painting my house, but can do many, many things, all of them excellently. His attention to detail is exceptional! If you can’t get in contact with Tom call me at 817-922-9537 and I’ll get him to get in touch. He is a Fairmount resident and I’ll take him a note.
Recommended by: Mary L. Branson



3H Hardware
Address: 2217 8th Ave.
Phone: 817-926-8433
COMMENTS: A great neighborhood store, three minutes (instead of 20 minutes to the Big Box) from my house, with everything from soup to nuts and bolts. It might seem hard to find items, but the staff are so helpful. I just always go straight to the counter and tell them what I’m looking for. They walk me to the aisle, or just go and get it and bring it to the counter. You can’t ask for better service! Greg Watterson, the manager, is my next door neighbor, and when we needed parts for the Fourth of July Cordless Drill Team’s batons, he took care of it.: found the parts, put them together and brought them to me after work.
Recommended by: Patti Randle


Carlos Lawn Service
Phone: 817-655-2679
COMMENTS: Carlos has more than 20 years experience providing commercial and residential lawn service. He trims, fertilizes, edges, mows, cleans flower beds and yards. He is prompt, polite, helpful, and knows and loves flowers and plants. I recommend him highly
Recommended by: Mary Branson

Dietrich Bros. Lawn Services, LLC
Contact: Aaron Dietrich
Phone: 817-401-6368
E-mail: adietrich@hotmail.com
COMMENTS: He has a large crew and can handle all types of jobs. I shopped around on pricing and he is extremely competitive. I have been very pleased with his service.
Recommended by: Richard King

Contact: Steve McLaughlin, Owner
Address: PO Box 11039, Fort Worth, TX 76110
Phone: 817-292-2519
Recommended by: Suzanne Mabe

Happy Gardens
Contact: Agnieszka ‘Anna’ Hurst
Phone: 817-921-3639
Website: http://www.happygardens.net
COMMENTS: I’m honored to recommend Happy Gardens for our neighborhood website. Her crew worked miracles on our abandoned, glass and concrete-filled yard. We have only good things to say about this professional, reliable, honest, kind and hardworking crew!
Recommended by: Julie Hatch Farley

Horton Tree Service
Phone: 817-572-2334
Recommended by: Geri Cotten  

Hunt’s Lawn Services
1805 Spruce Lane, Benbrook, TX
Phone: 817-658-7014
COMMENTS: I have been using Clint Hunt’s lawn service for over a year now and I am very happy with their work and prices. He also has done some extra cleanup and yard work during the slower season.
Recommended by: Suzanne Mabe

Smith Lawn & Tree Maintenance
Phone: 817-921-2222
E-mail: http://www.smithlawnandtree.com
COMMENTS: We have used Smith Lawn & Tree Maintenance just about every year that we have owned our home to help us improve our landscaping. They have trimmed trees, removed trees, added additional flower beds, and made suggestions on how to improve our landscaping. The prices are so reasonable and we have such a trusting relationship with them – we don’t even shop them anymore. They come out and provide a consultation and schedule a time to do the work that is convenient for you – most of the time you don’t even have to be present. We highly recommend them.
Recommended by: Christian White

Juan’s Landscaping & Tree Services
Mobile: (817) 298-4052, just leave a message
COMMENTS:Very reasonably priced and do an exceptional job!
Tree trimming, stump removal and grinding, hedge trimming, grass cutting, hard-scaping etc.
Our neighbors saw the great job they did at our house so they hired them to do their trees & landscaping as well.
Recommended by: Virginia Aguilar


Brick Doctor
Phone: 817-540-1800
COMMENTS: Crack repairs, matching brick, brick cleeaning and restoration.
Recommended by: Jennifer Rux



A-Mark Painting & Drywall
Phone: Mark Tennison – 817-705-1389
COMMENTS: Mark and his team did an excellent job on our exterior paining and woodwork and were very affordable.  I highly recommend them.
Recommended by: Christy Pierce

Alvero Castillo
Phone: 817-538-1254
COMMENTS: I had the exterior of my house painted (1929 6th Ave.). He did a great job, lots of prep work and started and finished when he said he would. His price was very reasonable too. I have a couple of co-workers who have also used him for both interior and exterior painting and they recommended him to me. We are also having him so some painting at my office too.
Recommended by: Toni Stuard

Emergency Home Care
See information under REMODELING

Jose Solis
Phone: 817-231-3922
COMMENTS: Jose Solis is the most conscientious and meticulous painter I’ve found. He prepares the surface — scraping, sanding and priming — so that by the time he patiently brushes on the paint, it is beautiful. He is courteous and professional, and he does a great job at a fair price. We have used him for both interior and exterior painting and I recommend him highly.
Recommended by: Patti Randle

White Lion Painting Company
Office: 817-551-0420
Cell: 682-433-6708
E-mail: whitelionpaintco@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.whitelionpaintco.com
COMMENTS: I recently took bids to paint the exterior of my house at 1605 6th Ave. I chose White Lion Painting Company because the owner, Adrian Hernandez, told me first thing that prep was the biggest job. I am so glad that I did because the work that this company does is simply outstanding! It took them two weeks to ready my home for painting. They power washed, removed old paint and chalking (using the proper techniques for lead based paint), and then applied new chalking repaired bad wood (his own carpenter), and then applied quality paint with three colors. The results are outstanding. His crew of six men were courteous and trustworthy. Adrian supervised all phases of the work and if there was a question, he promptly addressed it. A company with this level of service and quality work deserves to succeed. He carries insurance and had a fair price for his job. Drive by my home and see what a quality paint job looks like. He’s already picked up two more jobs in Fairmount just from folks seeing his work!
Recommended by: Bob Allen 

R&A Home Improvements
Raul Gomez
Phone: 817-401-0495
E-mail: raul07gomez@gmail.com
COMMENTS: After having a rough time with our new fence we were very cautious when deciding on someone to paint our house. We had about half a dozen estimates which ranged from 3,200 all the way to 19,000!!!!! The lower price also included replacing all the rotten wood on our house (which was substantial). We decided to give R&A a chance and have them do the front of the house, and we agreed that if they did a good job we would do the entire house for 3200. They went above and beyond, replacing much more wood than expected and putting on a layer of primer prior to painting. He explained to me that they could do this so cheaply because there is no middle man. He told me he worked with a contractor recently and told the contractor that he could paint a couple rooms inside a house for $800, the contractor then quoted the family a price of $1700!!! I highly recommend these guys. They had a crew of about four people and finished up everything in just a few days.
Recommended by: Andrew Brinker


Jennifer Mathis
Phone: 817-994-0702
COMMENTS: I wanted to recommend Jennifer Mathis as a neighborhood pet sitter. She does an excellent job caring for our two kitties and fish when we travel (and we travel a lot)–they barely realize we’re gone! Jennifer is flexible with our schedule and very conscientious of picking up mail, etc., when we’re away. I can’t say enough about Jennifer and what a great job she does taking care of our animals.
Recommended by: Christy Pierce


Every Faucet
Phone: 800-958-0684
Web site: www.everyfaucet.com
COMMENTS: We ordered a cast iron sink and faucet for our kitchen. We had a quote from Home Depot for the same products and by ordering from EveryFaucet.com we saved over $300. When we placed our order we also got free shipping (the cast iron sink cost $25 to ship). Other Web sites we checked had higher prices and the shipping was expensive due to the weight of the sink. Everything was processed and shipped quickly and it was in perfect condition when it arrived.
Recommended by: Stacy Luecker

Judy Garza Plumbing
Phone: 817-495-3406
EMAIL: dwhale47@yahoo.com
COMMENTS: Doug Hale with Judy Garza Plumbing was honest and reliable and did a quality job for a major plumbing job that was also at a reasonable cost. He has business insurance and is licensed. I would highly recommend this company.
Recommended by: Bob Allen

Pete’s Plumbing
Phone: 817-443-3904 or 817-992-5006
COMMENTS: have used Pete from PETE’S PLUMBING many times over the past three years and he has been consistently honest, fair-priced and hard-working. I feel lucky to have found him and hope he never retires! When he showed up at our house during the blizzard this past winter and stayed outside in the howling, snow-blowing wind for three hours because he didn’t want to leave us without water, I swore to never use another plumber. He has gone above and beyond for our family on more than one occasion and I can’t recommend him enough. I appreciate the time he’s put into fixing plumbing issues that were done incorrectly by previous owners. His prices are beyond fair and he does the job quickly and does the job right.
Recommended by: Penny Plavidal

Striking Image
Phone: 940 395-1406
COMMENTS: Chris Duty, owner of Striking Image (see website: www.GETSTRUCK.com) was just out, repairing the rusted-out water return on my 1919 bathroom porcelain sink. He refinishes antique porcelain sinks and tubs, counter tops, tile, and showers and does a beautiful job! I am very, very pleased with the results!
Recommended by:Mary L. Branson



A-Better Insulation
Phone: 817-244-4004
COMMENTS: We saved over $200 going through the www.texasefficiency.com program.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler

Foil Radiant Barrier Installation
Contact: Joseph Perry
Address: 1801 Susan Drive, Ste. 100, Arlington, TX 76010
Phone: 817-789-1057, 214-762-3808
E-mail: joe@foilbarrier.com
Web site: www.foilbarrier.com
COMMENTS: Foil barrier, like strong Alcan, lines your attic and/or under floor to radiate heat/cold as an energy saver.
Recommended by: Paul Holt
COMMENTS: I met Joe Perry of Foil Barrier Insulation at the Plano Green Living Festival. We talked a great deal about a product called radiant barrier. It is a product that reflects 97 percent of the sun’s radiant heat away from the attic. Bundled up one cold day, the thought came to me why couldn’t this product work under a house? Joe came up with installing batt insulation under the house. Then he “sealed” it with the radiant barrier foil. the foil is thick and durable. It keeps moisture out. It reflects the temperature of the house back up into the floor. It has made a big difference.
Recommended by: Serena Keeler



Tracey Amaya, RE/MAX Trinity
Phone: 817-737-1983
Web site: www.amayarealtygroup.com
COMMENTS: Tracey has sold three houses in Fairmount for our family. One on 5th Ave., prior home tour house, one on Washington, and one on South Adams. Our family has bought two houses through Tracey, my current home on Alston and my daughter’s house in Arlington. I will always use Tracey, a professional with integrity. She listens, is creative and has a good team. I have a house on the market again with Tracey. We trust each other and the experience has been seamless.
Recommended by: Randee Dewey
COMMENTS: Amaya Realty Group made our dreams come true. They did a great job! What a blessing they are to us. If not for their team making everything go smoothly, I believe my husband would have been content to never move to Fairmount. Our friends tell us what a great house we have. John and I both say it was because we had the best realtor in the Metroplex (if not all of Texas) looking after our real estate needs. Listing agent Sophia Priolo helped us find our new house in Fairmount. Sophia’s passion for the Fairmount area shows; as to this is where she calls home. We can’t thank Amaya Realty Group enough. It has been our privilege to have Amaya Realty as our realtor and friends.
Recommended by: John and Brenda Howell
COMMENTS: We recommend Tracey Amaya to anyone needing a realtor. Tracey helped us buy our house on Alston, sell our house on Alston, buy our house on Hawthorne and sell Michael’s mom’s house in Bedford. She is unfailingly professional, knowledgeable, helpful, honest and direct. Tracey also has a killer sense of humor and is pure pleasure to work with.
Recommended by: Susan Stewart and Michael Hiett

Lori Gallagher
Phone: 817-475-5117 (cell)
E-mail: lori@ftworthhomes.net
Lori Gallagher is wonderful to work with. She helped every step of the way in the purchase of our home in Fairmount and also found a buyer for our previous home in three days which we thought was a miracle. Through every step of the buying and selling process Lori was there and without her advice and thoroughness we never would have made it. If we ever need a real estate agent again Lori is definitely the one we will call.
Recommended by: Stacy Luecker
COMMENTS: We have used Lori Gallagher for our real estate needs over the last few years. A few years ago we tried to buy a larger historic home in Fairmount. The inspection report turned up a lot of issues. Lori was very knowledgeable about which repair issues were a big deal or safety concern and which ones were just part of owning a historic home. To help us make our decision, Lori recommended vendors that came in and gave us their professional opinions and cost estimates on possible repairs. When it came time to sell our bungalow, again, she helped us find knowledgeable folks to do some repairs. She is versed on contracts and understands the details within them and what they mean. She gave us good advice, was level headed, is a good listener, and is very accessible. She was always there to answer calls and questions. She lives in the neighborhood and specializes in historic homes.
Recommended by: The Keelers

Steve Halliday
Phone: 817-881-1467 (cell)
Website: Helen Painter
Comments: Steve was very patient and accessible as we searched for our first home. He is not only a resident of Fairmount but also President of the Fairmount Neighborhood Association which we found to be tremendously helpful with our preservation questions. He was encouraging when the market was not. He had a great sense of humor which we found helpful during the stressful times. Nearly a year later, we can call on Steve with any questions and he is still there for us. We are glad to have used him as our Realtor and now call him neighbor.
Recommended by: Roxanna Latifi and Eduardo Martinez
Carmen Nelon, Lotus Real Estate Services
Phone: 817-300-1022
E-mail: fwnelon@aol.com
COMMENTS: Carmen Nelon helped me buy my first house and then, several years later, sell that house and buy our new house in Fairmount. She is very knowledgable and professional but also friendly and down to earth. She is delightful to be around. My wife and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in Fort Worth.
Recommended by: Steve and Kika Sloan

Gaye Reed, Coldwell Banker
Phone: 817-688-1952
COMMENTS: In a hot real estate market, we couldn’t have weathered the process without Gaye’s supreme organization, contacts and negotiation savvy. She helped us purchase a new home and sell our existing home, both in Fairmount. Any quality home these days is swamped with multiple buyers, and her efforts and speed enabled us to land our dream home. When we put our old home on the market, her preparation advice and photos made it look so good that we nearly thought about buying it back! It had multiple offers, and a signed contract the second day.

Recommended by: Charlotte Huff 

Barbara Young, Prudential Texas Properties
Phone: 817-233-1409
Web site: http://www.theyounghometeam.com
E-mail: barbara@theyounghometeam.com
COMMENTS: Barbara helped us purchase a home about six months ago on College. We are now neighborhood association members and LOVE our home. Before our purchase, we worked with Barbara for a year, and easily looked at 10 homes in the neighborhood during that time. When we found the perfect one, Barbara did a FANTASTIC job negotiating and we won over 5 bids! After that she recommended inspectors and foundation experts that were absolutely necessary to purchasing a home in this neighborhood and very familiar with the style of buildings as well as the every scary ‘pier and beam’ foundations.
Recommended by: Rachael A. Calabria
Barbara worked very hard marketing our home in west Fort Worth, spent many weekends at our open house, and was always honest and up front about what she thought we might need to do to increase exposure for our home. She worked equally hard helping us find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. We couldn’t be happier with her and highly recommend her.
Recommended by:
Bob Plentl


Emergency Home Care
Jerry Chavira
Phone: 817-249-4766
Cell: 817-259-5608
COMMENTS: Jerry primarily did carpentry and painting on my house at 1912 Alston Ave. and all of it was done to perfection. He always showed up when he said he would and provided written estimates. When he ran into problems with the structure he showed them to me and we factually discussed fixes. His work included interior carpentry, both frame and finish, plaster repair, smoothing out heavy textured walls, ceilings and painting. Of some interest to the Fairmount community would be his repainting of my exterior . As part of my job he was asked to use heat guns to remove existing paint off the 117 siding and do repairs/replacement of rotted or damaged siding. He and his assistant were methodical and explained every day what was done and what needed to be achieved to receive the desired result I narrated. The result is quite fine and I am most pleased. He also was willing to work within the time frame I requested as well as work around my own portion of the overall job which I narrated would be my part and he would take over when I completed my portion. While the work I specifically requested is not inexpensive, and is not frequently requested at the level I made the commitment to fund, he dutifully executed it and the result is nothing less than exemplary. I would be more than happy to provide my house as a reference to anyone wishing to see his workmanship.
Recommended by: Phil Bordeleau

Beth Stribling, CMKBD
Kitchen and Bath Specialist, Registered Interior Designer
Phone: 817-247-9485
COMMENTS: Beth did the remodeling of my kitchen, added a bath and shower, a new utility room and a walk-in closet. We are now working on the addition of a screened porch on the rear of the house. Beth lives in Fairmount, is a member of the Neighborhood Association and has redone three houses that she owns/has owned in the neighborhood. I would be happy to show off her work to anyone interested in working with her.
Recommended by: Suzanne Mabe


Greg Kankey Roofing Corp.
Contact: Greg Kankey
Address: 1542 Lakeview Dr., Keller, TX 76248-3277
Phone: 817-485-4269 (office), 817-366-6629 (cell)
COMMENTS: Greg is just aout one of the nicest people you will meet; soft spoken and easy to work with. My parents had him roof their house 11 years ago and after the storms this year had him roof the house once again. He also put the roof on my cousin’s house. I was dragging my feet with the roof replacement because I felt that the plain old brown shingle room was not doing my house justice. I told Greg I just don’t want to put the same thing back on. He showed up at my house with a sample of a roof I had never seen before (I did not even ask for this). He called me and said he thought he had found just the thing for our house and the good news is that it rated better for hail (the whole reason we had to replace) and only cost $350 more. We got an insurance break because of it! With our complex roof line (very hard to work with, some roofers did not even want to try) his team restored the kick out of the roof line on the turret and gave my baby just what I was looking for. If you don’t like a part of the work down, Greg is there the next day to fix it, no questions asked.
Recommended by: Halie Brake

Jack’s Roofing
Phone: 817-832-9095
COMMENTS: Jack and his crew were easy to work with, they cleaned up immaculately, and Jack worked closely with me and the insurance company. I was very pleased with the work. They also did the houses on either side of me too.
Recommended by: Ted A. Lovato

Joe Hall Roofing
Phone: 817-274-6777
Recommended by: Jennifer Rux


Fort Knox Home Security
Phone: 214-845-6881
Web site: http://www.fortknoxhomesecurity.com
COMMENTS: Fort Knox provides home alarms services.  They replaced an old system with a new alarm system, which went very smoothly.  We are using their alarm monitoring services as well.  Great price, great customer service — highly recommended!
Recommended by: Karen Wilson


Boswell Aluminum
Address: 2624 Lipscomb
Phone: 817-923-8601
COMMENTS: Boswell Aluminum makes painted metal storm windows with clear glass which comply with the Fairmount Historic Guidelines. Note: Aluminum or bronze anodized finishes are not permitted and storm windows must be visually compatible in size, style and color with the structure and adjacent structures. They should be painted to match the window color or have a factory painted finish. John Boswell will come to your house and measure for a custom fit, the windows are made at a plant, then they are installed – all for as little as $135 a window, depending on the size. When I needed just one storm window after my monster A/C window unit was removed, they made me one that I like better than all the rest of the storm windows on my house – it operates smoother and has better, safer latches. Boswell has also done window glass replacement for me, in both wood windows and storm windows that were broken.
Recommended by: Sue McLean


Alva Hascall Stove Repair
Contact: Alva Hascall
Phone: 940-595-0690
Email: hascall@mac.com
COMMENTS: Alva Hascall lives in Justin and works on antique stoves all over the Metroplex. He’s a really nice guy who knows everything about old stoves. He stopped by my house to fix the door that had fallen off the front of our oven. They don’t make the part anymore that held our 1933 Magic Chef’s door on (obviously) so he went back to his shop and made the part himself. He really loves old stoves.
Recommended by: Michael McDermott


KAZ Surveying
Address: 1720 Westminster Drive, Denton, TX
Phone: 940-382-3447
Web site: www.kazsurveying.com
COMMENTS: Friendly, reliable and cost effective surveying services. Plans and plats prepared in support of planning applications. These guys are well versed in the complications of dealing with City Hall and help you through the process if you are dealing with the City yourself (as for Brad – see Staff on the Web site). feel free to ASM my advice too, I have been through the re-plat process.
Recommended by: Paul Holt


Molina Tree Service
Contact: Abraham Molina
Phone: 817-228-8253
COMMENTS: We have been so happy with the quality of the work done by Abraham Molina and his crew that we have had them do tree trimming and tree removal at not only our remodeled house, but also at our daughters house. They even completely cleaned up an old wire fence line and left it ready for a new privacy fence! They are timely efficient and make sure you are completely satisfied with the job after it is done. A real professional!
Recommended by: Sallie Trotter


COMMENTS: Does windows, inside and out. They are very efficient, quiet, fast, and not that expensive. They will also remind you in 6 months to see if you need their services again. I have lots of windows, french doors, and some small, high-up windows which they managed beautifully.  All now sparkle. Are based in Tarrant County.
Recommended by:  Mary Lou Branson


Greg Rogers
Phone: 940-382-3447
Recommended by: Patti Randle

Pam and Raul Rodriguez
Phone: 817-360-7665
Recommended by: Pete Miller of Pavonia LLC

Robert Patterson
Phone: 817-223-8351
Recommended by: Sue McLean

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