1412 S. Adams


The American Four-Square home of Bob Zetnick and Ken Davis at 1412 S. Adams presents a soothing oasis just two blocks from the hustle of Magnolia’s restaurant district. The home’s two-story, cube-shaped exterior, painted in a soothing gray-green palette, compliments plantings such as Mountain Laurel, which are also in cool

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1820 5th Ave.


by Timothy Appling In 2007 Janet Welch found herself starting over. Recently widowed, she chose to make this new chapter of her life an adventure and found Fairmount the perfect neighborhood in which to make this happen. She and her Australian shepherd mix, Pepper, found their way to 1820 5th

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1423, 1425 Alston – Yard of the Month (July 2014)

by Timothy Appling “One potato, two potato, three potato, four …” As youngsters that is how we made choices in our backyard games. In selecting the newest Yard of the Month, that childhood rhyme morphed into “one Pereda, two Pereda.” But, unlike potatoes, when you are counting Peredas, there is

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1616 Fairmount Ave.

1616 Fairmount – Yard of the Month (JUNE 2014)

by Timothy Appling “Check out 1616 Fairmount Avenue,” the email read. “It looked very pretty when we drove by.” This recommendation from another Fairmount resident is how the home of Philip and Lisa Tinsley came to our notice and was selected as FNA’s newest Yard of the Month. Many people

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1407 Lipscomb St.

1407 Lipscomb – Yard of the Month (MAY 2014)

by Timothy Appling The house at 1407 Lipscomb is more than a century old, but has stood at its present location for only about 10 years. Built in 1907, the stately foursquare was sold for $10 in 2004 and moved by the purchaser to Fairmount for around $45,000. It was

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1405 6th Ave.


by Timothy Appling It’s springtime in Fairmount and long-slumbering yards are awakening as warmer temperatures motivate residents to spruce up winter-weary landscapes. Lawns of straw give way to verdant sprigs of St. Augustine, Bermuda grass, and Zoysia. Daffodils and hyacinths have already put on a show, soon to be replaced

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1824 Henderson

1824 Henderson – Yard of the Month (December 2013)

by Timothy Appling In 2004 Chelsie Zachman was shopping for her first home to buy. Driving around town with her mother, she decided to check into the Fairmount neighborhood. She was somewhat familiar with the area, having had a good friend during her college days who rented an apartment here.

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2200 Hurley – Yard of the Month (October 2013)

By Tim Appling Fairmount’s September Yard of the Month is the home of Scott and Laura Kee at 2200 Hurley Avenue. The Kees rented a house just down the street a few years ago and fell in love with the neighborhood. So when the house at 2200 became available, they

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2120 Hurley

2120 Hurley – Yard of the Month (November 2013)

By Timothy Appling As the sun slipped below the horizon and street lamps cast menacing shadows over the homes of Fairmount on Halloween evening, the charming bungalows and stately foursquares took on a ghostly glow. Scores of children dressed as monsters, superheroes, witches, and princesses, scurried from door to door

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