2259 Alston Ave.

2259 Alston Ave. – Yard of the Month (June 2016)

Brooke and Tom Blankenship’s Craftsman Bungalow, 2259 Alston Ave has been selected for Fairmount’s Yard of the Month for June 2016. Brooke and a previous partner bought the 1926 “airplane bungalow” in 2007 from Chris and Rodney McCabe, “two gentlemen with very good taste” who had purchased the house in

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1422, 1424 5th Ave. – Yard of the Month (May 2016)

May’s Yard of the Month winners are Leah and Desi Suasnovar of 5th Ave. The Suasnovar’s gardens actually cover two homestead lots, 1422 and 1424 5th Ave. The home has only two prior owners: Willam Sapper, who owned it for several decades in the early 20th century, and Angelo and

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1450 W. Allen Ave.

1450 W. Allen Ave. – Yard of the Month (April 2016)

April’s Yard of the Month winner is Steve Cocanower of 1450 W. Allen Ave. Steve’s gardens make the most of an unusual yard footprint: his residence, a former storefront dating from 1912, has been converted to a uniquely stylish home and law office, and retains the vintage grocery sign advertising

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1936 5th Ave.

1936 5th Ave. – Yard of the Month (February 2016)

February’s Yard of the Month is 1936 5th Ave. and the homeowner, Rebecca Guttery, is a three-time winner of Yard of the Month (circa 2009 and 2006). Rebecca’s garden was also featured on the Garden Conservancy tour in 2014 and is one of the most admired yards in Fairmount. Rebecca

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1821 S. Henderson St.

1821 S. Henderson – Yard of the Month (December 2015)

December’s Yard of the Month, elected by popular vote, is 1821 S. Henderson St. Brandon and Christa Garrett have owned the house since 2012, which was previously owned by one family, the Molinas, for over 30 years. Purchased and renovated in 2011 by Fairmount Dream LLC, 1821 S. Henderson was

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2105 Fairmount Ave.

2105 Fairmount Ave. – Yard of the Month (October 2015)

Fairmount’s Halloween Yard of the Month is 2105 Fairmount Ave., a 1920 Craftsman bungalow owned by Mary and Larry Harms. The Harms’ yard has won by Facebook vote two years in a row for their imaginative and witty Halloween décor. Mary said that she began to shop for her 2015

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1401 7th St.

1401 7th St. – Yard of the Month (September 2015)

September’s Yard of the Month is 1401 7th St., a sweet Craftsman bungalow in a quickly revitalizing part of Fairmount, near Magnolia and 8th Avenue. The 1916 home belongs to Marnie Hart and Wayne Plummer, Jr., who are excited to celebrate the bungalow’s 100th birthday next year. In 2014, they

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2264 Lipscomb St.

2264 Lipscomb St. – Yard of the Month (August 2015)

The front garden of the Hutchinson’s house at 2264 Lipscomb St. takes its cue from the home’s Classical Revival architecture, incorporating symmetry and balance in plantings on either side of the leaded glass front door. The home was built in 1903 and purchased by the current owners in 1993. According

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2206 College Ave.


Robert and Betty Howe purchased their home at 2206 College Ave. in 2005. The house resembles model #165 from the 1908 Sears house catalog, the year it was built, with transitional Craftsman features, including an off-center covered porch that was hosting several napping cats during of our visit – none

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1600 Alston Ave.


Tim Appling and Philip Combs purchased their Fairmount foursquare style house at 1600 Alston Ave. in 2006. The house has an inviting front yard and a generous screened-in wraparound porch. A bright yellow door and mailbox punctuates the soft gray color of the house, while witty and irreverent accents like

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