2100 Washington Ave – Yard of the Month (July 2017)

July’s winners for Yard of the Month are Valerie Mangum and Curtis Heath, who have owned 2100 Washington Ave. for ten years. The home was built in 1920 by H. F. Fulpe, formerly of Tulsa, OK, for $1300; it is single-story, 1200+ square foot Craftsman-style bungalow on a generous corner

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1320 S. Adams – Yard of the Month (June 2017)

Susan and Dusty Fillmore, owners of 1320 S. Adams, a two-story, American Foursquare home with some transitional Craftsman features, own June 2017 Yard of the Month. Foursquare homes, popular between 1890 and 1930, often display pleasingly boxy symmetry, 2.5 stories, a “monitor dormer” facing the street, 12-light over single pane

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1330 6th Ave – Yard of the Month (May 2017)

Veronica Alaniz Villegas of 1330 6th Avenue is Fairmount’s May winner for Yard of the Month. This recognition marks her 20th anniversary in the home. Veronica recalls moving in during Home Tour, Mother’s Day weekend, 1997. Passersby, seeing the activity and open doors, assumed that the home was open for

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1310 W. Allen – Yard of the Month (April 2017)

The Fairmount Community Library, located at 1310 W. Allen, is the winner of April 2017 Yard of the Month. Together with its neighbors and partners, Dreamy Life Records and Arts Fifth Avenue, FCL maintains, figuratively speaking, Fairmount’s communal front yard.  They welcome us all to Dreamy Life’s free Friday night concerts, weekly

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2232 College Ave – Yard of the Month (March 2017)

Stacy Luecker, owner of , also known as the Grammer-Pierce home, is the winner of Fairmount’s Yard of the Month for March 2017.  The home was purchased in 2008 by Stacy and her husband Eric Luecker, both professional photographers, keen historians, and active neighborhood volunteers.  While Fairmount mourns the painful,

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804 Baltimore Ave.

804 Baltimore Ave. – Yard of the Month (September 2016)

September’s Yard of the Month award winners are Robert and Taylor Duncan of 804 Baltimore Ave. The home, a new construction with historic design features including a wraparound porch and dormer windows, was built in 2014/15. 1910 Sanborn Fire Maps show two single-story homes with front and back enclosed porches

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1912 Alston Ave.

1912 Alston Ave. – Yard of the Month (August 2016)

Fairmount Yard of the Month for August is 1912 Alston, an aptly water-wise landscape with many Southwest native plants. Phil Bordeleau purchased the yellow, two-story home with white trim for the second time in June 2010. He first owned 1912 Alston briefly in 1992, it being one of seven houses he

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1707 Washington Ave.

1707 Washington Ave. – Yard of the Month (July 2016)

Sarah Montgomery’s 1929 Craftsman Bungalow, 1707 Washington Ave, has been selected for Fairmount’s Yard of the Month for July 2016. Sarah bought the 1929 home in October 2015. It was previously owned by Ruby D. Porter for much of the 20th century, and by Barbara Herrera-Rodriguez for the past 20

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2259 Alston Ave.

2259 Alston Ave. – Yard of the Month (June 2016)

Brooke and Tom Blankenship’s Craftsman Bungalow, 2259 Alston Ave has been selected for Fairmount’s Yard of the Month for June 2016. Brooke and a previous partner bought the 1926 “airplane bungalow” in 2007 from Chris and Rodney McCabe, “two gentlemen with very good taste” who had purchased the house in

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1422, 1424 5th Ave. – Yard of the Month (May 2016)

May’s Yard of the Month winners are Leah and Desi Suasnovar of 5th Ave. The Suasnovar’s gardens actually cover two homestead lots, 1422 and 1424 5th Ave. The home has only two prior owners: Willam Sapper, who owned it for several decades in the early 20th century, and Angelo and

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