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Historic Fort Worth’s 2018 Rodeo Run A 5K through Fairmount!

Historic Fort Worth’s

2018 Rodeo Run

A 5K through Fairmount!


We invite all residents of Fairmount to participate in our 2nd annual Rodeo Run.  Join in the fun by running or walking in the race, or by coming outside on the morning of January 20, 2018 and cheer on the runners as they whiz through your neighborhood!  Encouragement and excitement from people along the route makes it fun for participants and supporters alike.  The run will begin at 8:30 am at Thistle Hill, go up to Magnolia, through Fairmount, back to Magnolia and Thistle Hill.

The Rodeo Run is a 5K family-oriented run benefiting the charity that works year-round to save the buildings that make Fort Worth unique.  This run will make it possible to drop a few holiday pounds, to celebrate Fort Worth’s western culture, and to zip past great historic buildings, all at the same time! We are especially pleased that the run route starts and finishes at Thistle Hill, Fort Worth’s first landmark and a stewardship property HFW makes available to the public.  It will also encompass many historic buildings in the Fairmount/Magnolia Avenue area.

If you are interested in learning more about the run, visit our website at