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December Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes – FNA Board Meeting – 12/4/17


Board Members Present: Sara, Breinn, Susan, Betty, Sean, Melanie, Leah, Geri, and Deanna

Others in Attendance: Fred Harper, Mel Strom, and Veronica Villegas

Called to order at 7:07 pm

Previous Board Meeting minutes approved.

Each Board Member presented their updates:

Finance (Melanie):

  • Past Board gifts procured
  • Board approves use of Debit Card for online payments

Membership (Deanna):

  • Introduction of new Social Chair, Mel Strom, with a review on Social survey responses and plans for future socials.
  • Thoughts for socials moving forward: should have disposable nametags for future Socials, so neighbors can list name and street/block for familiarity and perhaps make event more open for attendees (not taking $$ at the door, etc)
  • Christmas party prep complete, including confirmation with caterer, decorations, we will have nametags there, membership renewals and membership drive handled at the door by Deanna, Kim W will be selling raffle tickets.
  • Welcome Packets still going out – average 10-13 monthly, with Stir Crazy still sending Brownies with the packet. Will likely skip December and resume in January.

Administration (Leah):

  • Brief overview of Cookbook project – asks Board to think of worthy causes to donate funds too
  • Update on Name Tags – found local vendor to complete magnetic name tags at $8/each for all board members and committee chairs
  • Need to order business cards for Board Members, info to be on cards: Name, title, Phone number (optional), email address, PO Box, and Fairmount website with the standard Fairmount logo
  • Insurance quotes – was informed by broker that the current rate we have is quite good and it might be difficult to find a cheaper rate, motion made to stay with current vendor, which was approved
  • YOTM – has been decided that we should seek a sponsor; Susan Harper will be contacting Archie’s to see if they would like to begin sponsoring the YOTM program for Fairmount.

Parliamentarian (Veronica Villegas):

  • Discussion – should Sgt. at Arms position be called “parliamentarian”, and clarification that all Chairs positions to the Board are all non-voting Board Members, and should receive meeting invites moving forward and attend Board meetings.
  • Recommendation that the by-laws be reviewed and updated where needed, Debit card procedure should be defined in by laws
  • Reminder that all voting/budget actions should be on the agenda, perhaps following an “Action Item/Consent Agenda” format, and perhaps have a rule that all budget action items be discussed at Board meetings prior to general meetings so the Board has the proper time to review/discuss

Infrastructure (Breinn):

  • Nancy is continuing to visit schools as part of her SBDM team role
  • Envision Hemphill meeting at Firestation Community Center on 12/6/17, City is wanting parking in anticipation of future expansion of the Community Center, taking over the greenspace that was supposed to be a public park.
  • NEZ (Neighborhood Empowerment Zone) conversation on pause with the City. Hemphill Task Force has asked the FNA to support the plan of cancelling NEZ to the areas already developed, such as Magnolia, but, keeping the zone for areas still in need of development. The board voted to support redrawing the border as proposed by the Hemphill Task Force, in order for that area to still be able to take advantage of the NEZ.
  • Still discussing what options are for the money allotted to Fairmount Park with Parks and Recreation.
  • Met with Code Compliance supervisors. They are drafting a policy to cover the use of furniture on large historic porches.
  • Permit Parking – there will be a presentation at a City Council work session by Sam W – we are under the impression that Fairmount will not be a part of the permit parking program at this time
  • Block Captain Program – still in progress, meeting with others who have similar programs to gain insight

Promotions (Sean):

  • Santa in the Park, 12/16. Beignet Bus, DMS choir and kid activities in Fairmount Park from 9:30-11:30
  • Suggesting a possible Membership Card program for FNA, possible discounts available to members to local businesses?
  • Festivus – planning on target, handled by Brandon Garrett
  • FairMounti Gras – planning on target, handled by Kim Worley
  • Anne Ingle (Beekeeper program) – wants to present at a General Meeting in 2018

Preservation (Susan)

  • We are out of bronze plaques, obtaining quotes for purchasing more

Safety (Geri):

  • No update

Communications (Betty):

  • Community Engagement Workshops/Neighborhoods Awards Luncheon coming up 1/20/18

Fred Harper “gifted” Breinn Richter with the audio meter this evening!

Meeting was adjourned at 8:53 pm

Minutes submitted by Leah Suasnovar 12/6/2017.