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December 2016 – Board Meeting Minutes

FNA Board Minutes

December 5, 2016; 7:05 pm

Attending:  Geri Cotton, Public Safety; Carrie Carter, Membership; Alex Theiroff, Promotions; Kim Worley, Administration; David Thrapp, Infrastructure; Melanie Dotzour, Finance; Pat Bradley, President

Ex Officio Board:  Mickey Bradley

Festivus Lead: Brandon Garrett

Directors’ Reports

 Communication –Betty Spitzberg

  • Sold $3K for December newsletter ads, printing cost about $2K

 Membership: Carrie Carter

  • Will create a statement defining the value proposition of FNA membership to include: voting privileges, Christmas party admittance, admission to 8+ socials each year, etc.
  • Stuffed and will distribute 41 welcome bags to new neighbors by January 1
    • Delivery will be done on a quarterly basis moving forward
    • Accepting literature/goody donations from area businesses, etc.

 Promotions – Alex Thieroff

  • Santa in the Park, December 10 at 9:30a. Serving donuts.
  • FNA Christmas Party, December 10 at 7p in Preservation Hall

 Finance – Melanie Dotzour

  • Please add address to membership forms before Christmas party
  • Melanie Dotzour of Briggs Freeman Sotheby wishes to sponsor a General Meeting

Historic Preservation – Roxanna Latifi:           

  • No report

 Infrastructure – David Thrapp

  • No report

Public Safety – Geri Cotton

  • No report

 Administration – Kim Worley

  • No report


  • Brandon Garrett – Festivus, Dec. 12. Rented 4 buses = $1040.  Requesting help from neighborhood to hang lights.  Steve Halliday will don a Grinch costume.  Prizes for top 3 houses by popular vote and a Block Award.  (Block will win a block party sponsored by FNA.)
  • City Council meeting including vote concerning waivers for the Dolabi Complex going in on Henderson siding Magnolia and Oleander will be on 1/24/17.

 General Membership Meeting: TBA in January @ 7:00 pm

 Adjourned 8:55 pm

Minutes submitted by K. Worley  (Boppin’ around our jolly  ’hood – what a happy holiday!!!)