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September 2016 – General Meeting Minutes

Fairmount National Historic District General Meeting

September 26, 2016

Meeting Called to Order by Pat Bradley – 7:05 p.m.

Introduction of New Members – two new member households. Welcome Miss Elsie Morris – 98 years young!


Neighborhood Police Officer Update – Sergio Guadarrama (FTW NPO OF THE YEAR!)

  • Citizens on Patrol Recruitment BBQ Thursday, Sept. 29 @ 6p at Fairmount Park, 1501 5th
  • 2 reported car burglaries
    • The Bruno Mars burglar, a homeless gentleman, has been issued a trespassing warning and has not been seen in the neighborhood since
  • One vintage guitar stolen a year ago has been recovered after a friend of the victim recognized the guitar on Craigslist. The then-holders of the guitar, upon turning the item over to police, reported buying the guitar from the Near Southside’s own, Baby Face Thief, six months earlier.
  • Two FTW police who were recently shot are recuperating

 Carmen Drake – Code Officer

  • It’s mosquito season, please: empty standing water in flower pots, bird baths, tires, rain gutters. Mosquitos larva can exist in minimal water. Wear long sleeves and wear mosquito repellant
  • Code distributed flyers and mosquito dunks to kill larva

 Truly Tinsley – Paschal National Honor Society

  • Truly is interested in launching a program called “Smiles with Seniors” to ensure that local senior citizens (ages 65+) obtain social stimulation to assist in decreasing any potential feelings of isolation/uselessness/loneliness, … also wishes to provide meals and/or household assistance
    • This is anticipated to include a Community Grocers component which the seniors would buy into. (Bulk groceries could be purchased at Costco and divided up amongst participants.)
  • Contact Truly at for details


Geri Cotton – Safety

  • National Night Out: Tuesday, October 4 at the Trimble’s home at 1800 Washington. Bring a covered dish.  Chicken fajitas will be provided.

Roxanna Latifi – Historic Preservation

  • It is the objective of this committee to educate rather than police
  • Always check for home restoration/improvement guidelines
  • Watch the city’s Historic page for cases under review
  • We have one continued case with the city
  • Watch “Preservation Historic Fairmount” on Facebook for tips
  • Contact to volunteer
  • Congratulations to the Leuckers, Mike McDermott/Stan Tucker & 97W for recent preservation awards

Alex Thieroff – Promotions

  • Come visit our booth at ArtsGoggle, Oct. 8
  • Festivus will be Mon., Dec. 12
  • Christmas Party will be Sat., Dec. 10

Betty Spitzberg – Communications

  • Will be producing a monthly newsletter in a simple flyer format. Will be selling ads.
    • Monthly format is meant to assist those who don’t use email or Facebook
    • Will still have 4-color full versions for Home Tour and the holiday season
  • Looking for volunteers to assist with newsletters/etc. Contact

Carrie Carter – Membership

  • No report

Melanie Dotzour – Finance

  • No report

Kim Worley – Administration

  • No report

David Thrapp – Infrastructure

  • No report


Pat Bradley – we are looking for next Home Tour Chair and homes to display

  • All socials will be free to members and $5 for non-members
  • Ray Feyen – Single Parents Scholarship Fund President
    • Groups raises funds to assist college-attending parents with day-to-day (personal) expenses so they can take care of their family and still manage school
    • Ready to fund 2 new students now that two are graduating
    • See Ray for details
  • Brent Hull’s “Lone Star Restoration” starts Mon., Oct. 3 on the History Channel. Watch for the home on the corner of Willing at Jessamine
  • Richard Riccetti – Hemphill Task Force bought 1.4 acres for expansion at Fire Station Park. Soliciting ideas of how to use the space. Parks and Rec will manage the space.  Near Southside, Inc will have an event to gather usage ideas
  • Hemphill will be resurfaced in April/May
  • Bastion has one apartment available
  • Bastion will be creating a New Orleans meal with a proceeds going to animal rescue
  • Check out the DeZavala PTA Facebook page for donation requests of specifically desired items
  • Fairmount Public Library has children’s events most Saturday mornings at 11a. Fall Festival is coming!

Adjourned:  7:50 p.m.

Submitted by Kim Worley, 10/10/16 (GO CUBBIES!)