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August 2016 – General Meeting Minutes

Fairmount National Historic District General Meeting

August 23, 2016

Meeting Called to Order by Pat Bradley – 7:00 p.m.

Introduction of New Members – two new member households. Welcome!


Neighborhood Police Officer Update – Sergio Guadarrama (FTW NPO OF THE YEAR!)

  • Uptick in car burglaries. Sergio is working overnights. One perpetrator is a homeless gentleman. Separately, “the guy in the fedora” has been caught on video three times – we’re working on him
  • Sergio does not condone leaving your car unlocked, but regardless, please remove all belongings from your vehicle to reduce its attractiveness for a break-in
  • 1701 Fairmount (under construction) – burglarized contractor building tools/etc.
  • Citizens on Patrol Recruitment BBQ Thursday, Sept. 29 @ 6p at Fairmount Park, 1501 5th Ave. WE NEED YOU!


 Carmen Drake – Code Officer

  • Have a Code issue? Report it on the Code Hotline 817-392-1234 or at
  • All reports will be attended to within 24 hours


 Murray Miller – Fort Worth Historic Preservation Officer

  • Murray joins us after many years of service to historic districts spanning four countries
  • Replacing Liz Casso who accepted a similar role in Dallas
  • “Historic Preservation is not about creating a place without change, it’s about managing the change when multiple parties have conflicting objectives.”
  • Murry wishes to improve education and increase awareness among real estate buyers, agents and contractors about the value of historic structures and what they bring to a community
  • Have questions or concerns about a structure? Contact Murray with the address of the dwelling in question at 817.392.8574 or




  • Finance: Melanie Dotzour ran unopposed, and was voted in


  • Communications: Betty Spitzberg will take the chair & vote. She will handle our print newsletter. Stacy Lueker will maintain all digital properties
  • Historic Preservation: votes were split between Susan Harper and Roxy Latinez. Motion seconded and carried for Board to vote and break tie during the week of 9/5/16


Melanie Dotzour – Finance Garden account

  • No report

Kim Worley – Administration

  • No report

David Thrapp – Infrastructure

  • Flag raising: Thurs. Aug. 25 at 7p. Meet at 1519 Lipscomb

Geri Cotton – Safety

  • No report

Martin Dahl – Historic Preservation

  • No report

Alex Thieroff – Promotions

  • No report

Stacy Luecker – Communications

  • No report

Carrie Carter – Membership

  • Continuing to build welcome bags for new neighbors. Please let Carrie know if you have a new neighbor, and Carrie will deliver a welcome bag


  • Girls Night Out: Monday, August 29 at The Rosen House with the Goddess otherwise known as Kelly Bowden
  • Bastion “Taste of Hawaii” on September 17. Tickets on sale beginning Sept. 1.

Adjourned: 8:05 p.m.

Submitted by Kim Worley, 9/9/16 (Happy Front Porch Weather, Fairmount!)