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August 2016 – Board Meeting Minutes

FNA Board Minutes

 August 1, 2016; 7:00 pm

Attending: Carrie Carter, Membership; Kim Worley, Administration; Martin Dahl, Preservation; David Thrapp, Infrastructure; Melanie Dotzour, Finance; Stacy Lueker, Communications; Pat Bradley, President

Ex Officio Board: Mickey Bradley; Robert Wedding

Directors’ Reports

 Historic Preservation – Martin Dahl

  • Murray Miller, our new contact in Historic & Cultural Landmarks, will be invited to upcoming meeting
  • Suggested that the incoming director be more involved in educating our publics about historic preservation via meetings and seminars. There may be funding available from the state for these things
      • Extensive and relentless problems with current “known” contractors not getting permits, etc. – can skirt all city historic guidelines
  • Design meetings for area contractors – consider lures to get them to attend. (Free GOOD dinner & drinks, etc.)


  • Ellen Timberlake-Volz of the Tarrant County Historical Commission will speak at our October meeting

Communication – Stacy Luecker

  • Our Historic Fairmount page reached 5000 likes
  • Betty Spitzman will join the Board and take over newsletters. Electronic media will remain with Stacy
  • Stacy & Betty will meet to template upcoming newsletters and map frequency of distribution

Promotions – Alex Thieroff

  • Friday, Aug. 19 social at Wine Haus. We’re paying for food
  • Robert working on September social
  • Social team will check-in with Brandon to see if the Garrett’s will be leading Festivus again this year.
    • Reconsider photo booth to help contain costs.
    • Consider charging a token amount for children rather than trading a ticket for an item to donate. Our percentage of resulting unpaid attendees was far greater than anticipated.
  • We’ll assist with the “Back to School” event on Aug. 20 at Fire Station Park

Administration: Kim Worley

  • No report

Membership: Carrie Carter

  • Lots of groups contacting Carrie with contents for New Residents Baskets
  • We’ll be including the “Nuts & Bolts” permits brochure, local business info, historic resources, etc.
  • Nine new residents already on the list to receive baskets
  • Deleted 70 expired memberships from the roster; have over 100 paid memberships
  • Hoping to reinstate giveaway(s) at end of meeting to one lucky attendee

Finance: Melanie Dotzour

  • $500 due for Sean Lynch ad in Home Tour book
  • Still contacting final silent auction winners
  • Will be able to close books when final receivables are in

Infrastructure: David Thrapp

  • Doggy doo bag stations will be added to the park within the next 30 days

Safety – Geri Cotton

  • No report


  • Patty – could we include a “social 30 minutes” after the general chapter meetings at our new venue?
  • Request for Carrie – please consider prorating the last half of the year on membership … rather than the last couple of months like we’re been doing more recently
  • Robert Wedding – Texas sage will be used to replace the expired plants in the green space

 General Membership Meeting: Aug. 23, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

 Adjourned 8:30 pm

Minutes submitted by K. Worley 8/12/16