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July 2016 – Board Meeting Minutes

FNA Board Minutes

 July 5, 2016; 7:00 pm

Attending: Carrie Carter, Membership; Kim Worley, Administration; Martin Dahl, Preservation; David Thrapp, Infrastructure; Geri Cotton, Public Safety; Melanie Dotzour, Finance; Stacy Lueker, Communications; Pat Bradley, President

Ex Officio Board: Mickey Bradley; Fred Harper

Directors’ Reports

 Historic Preservation – Martin Dahl

  • Spoke at Historic Property Seminar. Hoped to convey that by living in a historic neighborhood, you have the rare gift of knowing your neighbors and having a sense of community which, in turn, manifests itself in creating great things for your area and its inhabitants – school support, social events, infrastructure improvements, etc.
  • Historic preservation is about considering the past while thoughtfully planning the future.
  • Liz Casso, our contact at the Historic & Cultural Landmarks Division, is leaving to take a similar position in Dallas. (7K historic FTW structures divided between just two people may help make this an understandable move.)
  • Martin has been invited to participate in the interview process for her successor.


 Communication – Stacy Luecker

  • Nearing final draft of our General Meeting street signs. Draft will be shared soon.
  • Spoke at the FTW Historic Property Seminar.
  • Still scouting for someone to take over the newsletters.

 Promotions – Alex Thieroff

  • No report

Administration: Kim Worley

  • No report

Membership: Carrie Carter

  • Memberships are $20 for an individual; $25 for a family.
  • Carrie’s creating membership packets to be distributed for first-timers at meetings/etc. Will include things like social calendars & meeting calendars; contacts for GNAR, Garden Club, Citizens on Patrol, Blue Zone, Bike Share/etc.

Finance: Melanie Dotzour

  • No report

Infrastructure: David Thrapp

  • No report

Safety – Geri Cotton

  • No report


  • Patty – would like to do a social in the park. How do we entice residents in their 20’s & 30’s to join FNA? Consider Fairmount Scavenger Hunt?
  • Use “My Fort Worth” to report street light, graffiti, refuse and lawn issues.
  • Stacy – will investigate what would be required to add a “Fort Worth Walking Tour” beginning at Preservation Hall.
  • Patty – Alex should check-in with Brandon on Festivus plans. How can we shorten the event and reduce the budget. (Could the photography at Santaland be reconsidered?)
  • Fred – is going to Transportation & Public Works to raise awareness concerning our group of deteriorating streets and sidewalks.

General Membership Meeting: July 26, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

 Adjourned 8:35 pm

Minutes submitted by K. Worley 7/26/16 (late but with love)