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June 2016 – General Meeting Minutes

Fairmount National Historic District General Meeting

June 28, 2016

Meeting Called to Order by Pat Bradley – 7:00 p.m.

Introduction of New Members – two new member households: Larry on 5th; Barbara and Rene on Washington.  Welcome!


Neighborhood Police Officer Update – Sergio Guadarrama (FTW NPO OF THE YEAR!)

  • Since May 24: 3 robberies
    • 1600 Hemphill near the Boys & Girls Club (victim knew perpetrator)
    • 1824 Hemphill near Shamrock (victim knew perpetrator)
    • 2610 Hemphill at Family Dollar (armed robbery; perpetrator responsible for other store robberies, area PD on the case)
  • 2 burglaries of homes
    • One inside job at a home undergoing renovations
    • One on 1400 block of Washington where victim knew perpetrator by name (one of our Magnolia panhandlers)
  • 6 burglaries of vehicles
    • 4 unlocked cars
    • 1 cut through soft top
    • 1 lawn mower out of the back of a truck
  • A couple of front porch package thefts (QT now accepting boxes for holding up to 3 days)
  • 1 auto theft: 1900 block of 6th
  • 1 domestic disturbance: 1300 block of 5th
  • Panhandlers: PD and Citizens on Patrol enacting a three-prong management approach: passed out flyers including support agency info; second phase – picked up offenders to deliver to support organizations; third phase – tickets will be issued

Jennifer Flynn – Meals on Wheels, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Please contact to volunteer for up to one shift (one hour) per week
  • 46 distribution centers around Tarrant County, work with the one nearest you (believed to possibly be near TCU)
  • Summer routes need to be filled (shortages due to vacations, etc.)
    • Have about 4K volunteers and 5K clients currently
    • Clients are assigned a caseworker who establishes if client has needs beyond meal delivery
    • Not all clients are long-term. Some are convalescing after surgery, etc. (Referrals from hospitals/rehab/et al.)
  • Delivered about 1M nutritionally-balanced meals (cost of meal = about $6.08) last year to homebound individuals ages 22 to 108 – all income levels.
    • Beneficiaries don’t pay, however donations are accepted

Volunteers needed for Nominating Committee for upcoming board vacancies

  • Upcoming vacancies: Finance (Melanie will re-run); Safety (Geri Cotton interested); Communications (newsletter only); Historic Preservation


  • Nominating committee: the brave Steve Halliday; the esteemed Kelly Bowden; the phenomenal Richard Riccetti


Melanie Dotzour – Finance

  • No report
  • Per Pat Bradley – Home Tour is expected to clear over $20K

Kim Worley – Administration

  • No report

David Thrapp – Infrastructure

  • Join us at 7:30p on June 30 to hang US flags around the neighborhood for July 4

Geri Cotton – Safety

  • Shared panhandling brochures. These were given to the folks on Rosedale at 35
  • Going in vacation?
    • Notify Sergio & Citizens on Patrol to keep an eye on your home
    • Don’t post location pics while you’re gone

Martin Dahl – Historic Preservation

  • No report

Alex Thieroff – Promotions (Stacy Lueker reporting)

  • Fairmount Ferals versus the Ryan Place Flyers at 11:30a on July 4 after the Ryan Place parade

Stacy Luecker – Communications

  • Sign-up for Constant Contact for all Fairmount News

Carrie Carter – Membership

  • No report

Robert Wedding – Social

  • July 15 @ 6:30p at 1643 S. Henderson (Henderson & Allen) – Jason & Nicholas’ home


Richard Riccetti

  • DeZavala PTA looking for volunteers: Academy 4 and tutoring
  • Hemphill Corridor Task Force: all associated neighborhoods support the proposed bike lanes
  • For rent at the Bastion: 1400 sq/ft apartment for $1500 – all utilities paid

Adjourned: 7:45 p.m.

Submitted by Kim Worley who was considered whether her next stop should be Mexican Inn for fajitas or San Luis for sincronizadas, 7/4/16